H&M in Bangladesh

Addressing how they are supporting Bangladesh development, H&M produced a fairly well-rounded video. With all of the coverage on the much needed improvements to working conditions, the economic and developmental impact is often left untouched. It is this development and international investment in the country which is why organizations should continue to push for improvement in the lives of their workers. 

It is a one-sided perspective, but it includes a variety of initiatives: 

  • Wage growth
  • Skills training and upgrades
  • Improved employee - management relations


What is missing, but perhaps not within the context of this video, is the environmental working conditions - exposure to toxic materials, chronic pain and ergonomic initiatives, etc. But overall, it was nice to see an organization addressing specific measures in a fuller way - not simply speaking about the cheque they cut in light of the tragedies. 

Patagonia communicates clearly about their supply chain

Patagonia's marketing strategy from The Naked Brand

Patagonia is a US based apparel and equipment retailer, which has a reputation for being environmentally minded - and they are publicly addressing the significant negative impact manufacturing has on the environment.  The company has introduced The Footprint Chronicles, which speaks transparently about their supply chain, and the actual effects of making their product.  Browse through their site, and read Jeff Rosenblum's article for Fast Company here:

How Patagonia Makes More Money By Trying To Make Less


Source: http://www.patagonia.com/us/footprint/