Success Stories

Like much of the industry, we serve a global customer with well-considered and expertly crafted product. 


Rachelle, Sr Merchandising Manager in Singapore

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I went to school for fashion at the best university in the country. In my second year I was lucky enough to land a marketing internship at a luxury retailer. Upon graduating, they offered me a position as an assistant buyer. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was my dream job. 

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I worked for two different senior buyers. I had a high capacity for doing good work. But I couldn’t learn fast enough. I was dependent on them for my development, and they had both had their hands full. I was craving a bigger challenge and a promotion. That’s where Retail Assembly’s training came in. I took the retail buying, then merchandise planning courses, to ensure I was looking at things from a broad enough perspective. And when I landed that associate buyer role, immediately enrolled in the negotiation online workshop. #lifesaver

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When I was an associate buyer, my boss commented on how well prepared I was for that role. I attribute that to the courses, but also my desire to seek out conversations with a variety of peers in the organization. Just talking about people’s businesses with them helped contribute and give more context to the things I was learning online and on-the-job.

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Needless to say, because I was so well prepared for the AB role, I was quickly promoted to buyer, then senior buyer. I worked in Hong Kong and London, where I’m currently senior merchandising manager at a global luxury brand. 

Marc, Vice President International Sales in Los Angeles

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To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how I had made it as far as I did without being able to read the reports fully. I always worked for a hot brand, ones that have growth built in.

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I’ve been with my current company 7 years. I  approached Retail Assembly for online courses for our global sales team. We were looking for a solid foundation in understanding the numbers across our team. There was a lack of confidence in knowing what drives our sales, inventory, and profit. 

Some had asked for information or training, but the whole team appreciated the opportunity to grow. That counts as success.

We then had our senior brand and sales team do some of the courses in analytics online. We wanted to be speaking the same language as our retailers.

The quality of conversations in meetings and on calls with our retail partners improved within weeks. They were talking about business and working together to solve problems and maximize sales opportunity. My team was bright, but giving them the tools to develop and enhance their sales skills made them great business partners. 

First I should say, that it wasn’t just my team. I did the online courses alongside them. And boy, I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t know. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

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Even now, our sales continue to grow, but we are better prepared to handle some of our maturing businesses. And today, in particular with some of the traditional bricks and mortar retailers struggling, we are managing our risk better. The courses are helping our own-branded store teams too. It’s a solid program. I’d recommend it. 

Julia, Brand Owner in Sydney

Hi. I’m Julia, and I’m the owner of a company that designs and sells 3D printed jewellery.

After we perfected the product – a process in and of itself – we made a list of our top 20 retailers around the world. Because we were first to market (and because our product is on point), we landed meetings with 10 of them. The initial meetings were great, just about the product. When we got closer to taking their orders, it was very clear we were in unchartered territory. We didn’t understand the terms they were asking for, where they were getting their sales and profit projections, the impact any of these agreements would have on our business. 

I researched and researched, and eventually contacted RA. They recommended a suite of workshops based on the issues we were running into in our meetings. My partner and I divided and conquered.

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I’m not saying that we read every word, but, like most entrepreneurs, we looked for the information we needed and devoured it. Between the two of us, we killed our next set of meetings – knew the implications of the retailer requests, had some new alternative solutions which could meet both of our needs and took our first set of orders.

Since we’ve gone back and more thoroughly done a couple of the workshops – and a new one to help us manage our online store and inventory in an operationally sound way. Business is good, and RA is a great professional resource.


A record of success

Actually, we mean your record of success. Promotions, business launches, category growth, and stronger negotiations are a few of them. Your success stories are meaningful and earned. Thank you for your feedback and allowing us to be part of your journey.