The Retail Assembly Team

We work and operate in an industry of significant size. Universities and schools teach the creative aspect. There wasn’t anyone upskilling our product commerce and retail professionals. So we did. And we do. Globally. With the best organisations in the product and retail sphere. Realize the business and development success resulting from a global perspective and well-crafted training. Join us. 

Customers around the globe, a global perspective

We have a global perspective on the changing product commerce and retail industry. We come from the world’s most innovative, creative, and successful businesses. Today, we work globally with the best and brightest. This is the daily inspiration that keeps our content best-in-class. 

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Well-crafted, well-considered training

We offer the best online training. We focus on quality and craftsmanship, much like the designers in our industry. Our original team came from the business side of retail and product. We knew our subject matter, and our clients well. As our client base grew, and we developed more corporate training, we needed to ensure it reflected the best, proven professional development principles. We love the process. And you love the results.

The product-focus doesn’t end there. We work with some of the best marketing producers to deliver an online experience that is beautiful, intuitive and well-designed. Please do enjoy.


A record of success

Actually we mean your record of success. Promotions, business launches, category growth, and stronger negotiations are a few of them. Your success stories are meaningful and earned. Thank you for your feedback and allowing us to be part of your journey.   


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