Retail Buying

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Retail Buying


To be a great retail buyer, you need to be a master of three skill sets:

  • Product selection
  • Business management
  • Negotiation

Connecting the creative aspects of buying with strong business acumen and relationship building skills is key to a successful buying career. It is the buyer’s responsibility to drive sales and profit while simultaneously identifying trends that will be important for the customer.

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Travelling, editing product, managing profit, forecasting and selling are part of the job. Dive deeper and connect assortment planning, merchandise productivity, and vendor relationships. Pick up something new and enhance your business and career. 

Course objectives

1.  Develop and build a strong foundation of best practices, strategies, and innovations in the following three areas:

  • Product selection and buying

  • Business management

  • Negotiation and supply chain

2. Create future season strategies for a retail business, manipulating the various aspects to increase sales, profit, and customer loyalty.

3. Gain a high-level understanding of the overall retail industry, particularly as it relates to the supply chain, design, and retail buying. 

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Contributor feedback

“In my ten years buying, I learned how to travel well, negotiate well, and developed a sharp business sense. The job had everything I needed, beautiful product, a customer-focus, great collaborators, and a financial aspect.

What I particularly appreciate about this course through Retail Assembly is that it draws from a wide variety of resources; small innovative boutiques, to the global retail powerhouses. Working with fellow contributors in action sports, general merchandise, technology, and vertical retailers helped balance out my luxury experience.

It’s been incredibly rewarding to work with my fellow education contributors, and the course users. Enjoy – you’ll take away new skills, fresh ideas and a stronger understanding of how this industry of ours works.”

— Jennifer, Instructor & Contributor

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