Merchandise Planning

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Merchandise Planning


Delivering profit plans while executing company strategy requires a talented planning individual. It requires a thorough understanding of how each business metric interacts with one another. Add in cross-functional team buy-in, customer perception, and loyalty, and a master merchandise planner is more than a number cruncher.

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The online Merchandise Planning Course emphasizes the connections between the various aspects of a profitable business: sales, the customer, markdowns, inventory management, store productivity, and supplier capabilities. Dive in today. 


1. Build a strong foundation of best practices, strategies, and innovations in:

  • Profit and inventory management

  • Strategic planning and cross-collaboration

  • Negotiation, sales and supply chain maximization

2. Create future season strategies for a retail business, manipulating the various aspects in planning to increase sales, profit, and customer loyalty.

3. Gain a high-level understanding of the overall retail industry, particularly as it relates to the supply chain, buying and merchandise planning.

Course access is available for two (2) months from time of purchase.


“Merchandise planning has a reputation for being that area of the business that harbors the blame if results aren’t achieved, and none of the glory if they are. Even so, with so many factors impacting results (markdowns, shrink, stock turn, etc.), it is the most interesting. 

Merchandising planning serves the rest of the team, and keeps everyone focused on achieving sales and profit goals. Balancing the overall retail strategy with the bottom line is sometimes a thin line to walk.  

Dig into our resources, and let us know what you think.  I’m sure it will give you new a new perspective on this important retail function.”

-John, course contributor




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