How to Become a Buyer at Urban Outfitters

The Must TV is a UK based online community that features great resources for people thinking of entering the fashion industry. The site features fashion videos and competitions that assist emerging designers, stylists, buyers, and more.

We love the episode where Darryl heads to Urban Outfitters and meets with Fashion Buyer Samantha Betts. She talks about the importance of interning, and building one’s experience. Her internship at Urban Outfitters lead her into her current role.

Samantha Betts


“I thought I was going into fashion design and, later on, I decided it was more the business side that I liked. I mean, it’s such a creative industry anyway. Buying is still product development, you get to be so creative. “


“My job role really really is mainly just product. I mean, at different levels, obviously there is a lot of admin involved in some things. In higher levels, its more, kind of, the overall company as a whole. But, my level at the moment, I am really enjoying it because it is literally just product, that’s what I do from morning to night; build strong ranges.”


“I think the nicest thing is actually when you see people out wearing them [the clothes].”


“Definitely experience, it really, really is. Even if you’re doing just a few months of work placement for someone, you get to know people, you get to talk to people, and find out about things going on within the industry.”

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Retail Buying

To be a great retail buyer, you need to be a master of three skill sets:

  • Product selection
  • Business management
  • Negotiation

Connecting the creative aspects of buying with strong business acumen and relationship building skills is key to a successful buying career. It is the buyer’s responsibility to drive sales and profit while simultaneously identifying trends that will be important for the customer.

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