Opposing strategies for the used tech market

AMAZON may sell used e-books

Amazon received a patent which will allow e-book owners to re-sell to another purchaser, transfering access to the content.  Within the patent is the right to limit the amount of times an e-book can be resold.  While Amazon hasn't communicated their intent with the patent, this has the potential to significantly decrease e-book sales overall.  Unlike used books, used e-books remain in perfect condition - exactly as the original begging the question: why would consumers purchase new? Publishers are worried, as with the used video-game market, they see no financial benefit from the resale of a game.  However, if Amazon exercises the right to limit the number of resales possible, this could be the bridge between the Publishers and the retailer.  WIRED's article here.

MICROSOFT blocks used games 

On the other side of the coin, Microsoft's next console requires an internet connection and one-time activation code to play games.  This prevents the consumer from being able to resell their games.  It is widely understood that the resale market serves to benefit the overall demand for product (as consumers are able to buy more, knowing they can get money back on their purchases at time of resale), the potential consumer backlash and slowing of sales will be something to watch for once the new console is released.  Canadian Business article here.