The best of Vancouver - retail

Retail in Vancouver is often innovative, creative and approachable.  Some of our favourite all-time stores are from the Pacific Northwest - and the list below exemplifies are top five.  

That's right, Aritzia was born and still operates out of a beautiful warehouse overlooking railtracks, water and mountains in this beautiful Canadian city.  Well considered stores, beautiful product, and a cultural atmosphere second to none for young women, this is a store we continue to love into its third decade.    



Board of Trade Co. is one of our very favourite retailers, offering a mix of mens, womens and 'other' product which is extremely well curated and edited.  If you can't make it out to either of there locations on the west-coast, be sure to check in at their online store.  You may find a cute doormat or crafted hook for your home as well.  

The team at Roden Gray has brilliant eye for design and style.  Their product mix is bought and styled with a strong edit and service-sensibility.  By catering to the Roden Gray man's lifestyle, the Gastown store has built a business over the last eight years which consistently sees double-digit increases.  Collaborations with designers are highlights every season as the store space transforms into a different gallery of product and art. 

For the guys at Livestock, it's all about the product.  Competing with the best sneaker street stores in the world, the retailer holds its own with limited edition releases and frequent line-ups out their doors in Vancouver and Toronto.   

The Soap Dispensary is a refill store - carrying high quality, beautifully scented cleaning products.  We love the attention to detail and emphasis on a sustainable environment!  

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