Christian Louboutin retrospective at 20 years

Louboutin has built one of the most successful shoe brands in the world.  Upon the 20th anniversary of his first name-sake shop in Paris, the Design Exchange brought in 250 shoes accompanied by commentary from Christian.  With each new collection the designer explores new themes and concepts, sources of creativity ranging from transparency, architecture, travel, fetish, and showgirls.  If you have the opportunity, do check it out in a city near you. 

Christian Louboutin is also one of the hardest working gentlemen in the fashion business. Projects with filmmakers, musicians, foundations, and brand extensions (menswear launched in 2011) abound.  We love his reflection on his life's work, "Life is a series of fortuitous coincidences".  Be grateful for the many personal and professional opportunities you've had thus far, and continue to work hard for them in the future.