Mobile shopping insights

Summarized and excerpted from the December 2014 article by Liz Ericson, Louise Herring, and Kelly Ungerman, "Busting mobile-shopping myths".

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  1. APPS ENGAGE YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS - not generating traffic to engaging new customers.  "As the number of shopping apps proliferates, many people seem reluctant to use them: barely 30 percent of mobile shoppers have more than two shopping apps." and survey respondents were twice as likely to visit a mobile site than an app. 
  2. BASIC FUNCTIONALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT FEATURES - "Respondents said the three most important functionalities were smooth checkout, the ease of adding and dropping items from a basket, and site navigation."
  3. SHOWROOMING CAN BE POSITIVE - A customer showroom in your store will buy from you eventually - 58 percent of them do. 
  4. DIGITAL DEVICES SUPPORT IN-STORE SERVICE - "Shoppers view mobile-enabled sales assistants—particularly in showrooms and large-format stores—as enhancing the shopping experience, underlining the need for retailers to find and train motivated, well-prepared, and well-equipped employees."