Your business and career need this.


Why an online course? 

Everyone has a moment (or two), which leads them to seek an online course. You want a stronger foundation of skills for your brand or e-commerce store; you want to develop your skills for your career growth, you want to have a more considerable influence on the outcome of your negotiations, you want to identify and manage risk better. 


Brand, retail, product professionals and industry leadership need a resource that will help us master new skills and bring a fresh business perspective.


“I remember that moment when I was sitting in a meeting with the CEO, and I was completely comfortable talking about my businesses challenges and opportunities. It was game-changing and catapulted my advancement in this global industry. As a result, I've worked with brilliant people, and had a meaningful impact.”


If you were able to influence or positively affect one aspect of your business: your relationships with suppliers or others in the organisation, your ability to identify high-growth opportunities, make your inventory more productive – what would the financial impact of that be? How would that influence your career trajectory? And allow you to leave your mark?