There are many ways you can place an order with us: 

  • Email your purchase order to
  • Submit your order through our online order form
  • If you are located in the US, contact one of our showrooms:


Account manager: Mary Shine (

Address: 23453 South La Cienega Boulevard, Hawthorne CA

Telephone: ###-###-####




Account manager: Jill Shine (

Address: 2201 West 34th, New York NY

Telephone ###-###-####


We use initial order minimum's because... The minimum orders are outlined below. 

  • Initial order minimum volume - $1500
  • Initial order minimum quantity - A full size run in a minmum of 10 style/colours
  • Reorder minimum volume - $850
  • Reorder minimum quantity - none


Upon receipt of your order, we will issue an invoice that outlines the total due. 

Payment terms - Due upon receipt of goods, or net 30 with a positive credit report. 

Payment method - We accept the following payment methods: online payment with credit card or Paypal (which can be accessed via the invoice link). Additionally, e-transfers are accepted to If you'd prefer to make a wire transfer, please contact Matthew at No cheques, please. 


Lead time - Orders place will deliver 6-8 weeks from the date you receive the order confirmation (typically within 48 hours). 

Ship window - We offer one month ship windows. The month of delivery is two months from the order confirmation. The start ship date will be the first of the month, and the cancel date will be the 30th of that same month. So, if your order is confirmed June 13, then the ship window for that order will be August 1 - 30. 

Order deadline - The order deadline is the 15th of each month, for delivery 6-8 weeks later. 


Ship method - All orders shipped via.... ground, 14 day delivery. Please specify in the order if you would like another delivery timeline (express, air, etc.). 

Shipping cost - Retailer is responsible for shipping. The cost for shipping will be quoted on your order confirmation and billed with the invoice.

Drop shipping - Drop shipping is available for a 15% order surcharge. 

Insurance - All orders shipped via .... will be insured at our expense. 

Customs and duty - Retailer is responsible for all customs and duty. We will provide the required documentation. Once order has left, you will be provided with the tracking number. Any delays at a border is the retailer's responsibility to resolve (we are happy to help in any way we can). 


Samples are available for photo shoots and press previews. Please advise 2 weeks in advance. Samples are required to be returned in good condition within 3 weeks. 


Returns for damaged or incorrect merchandise are accepted within 15 days of receipt. Please inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Within 10 days of receipt, please let us know if you have any concerns. Returned merchandise will be replaced with new merchandise. 


Once order has been placed, confirmed and a PO issued, we do not accept any cancellations. In the event of a store closing, retailer may cancel the order with a 25% surcharge. 


Except in the case where a retailer is exiting the brand, maximum price reduction is 40% at the end of season. To protect the brand's integrity, we ask that promotional activity throughout the season not reduce the price by any more than 25% off the original retail.


Ask us! For minimum orders of $5000, we are happy to discuss distribution and exclusivity of certain styles with promotional support from the retailer to ensure it delivers the intended results for you.