Camping gear rentals, and StockX is stepping up its game

In this week’s episode:

◇ The camping rental market at REI, MEC, Outdoor Geeks and Arrive.

◇ StockX faces stiffer competition and makes a deal with the Bleacher Report.

◇ Apple reopens its Fifth Avenue store - and product isn’t the first thing, or even the second thing, you see.

◇ Man-made diamond manufacturer Jewelry opens another educational activation.

◇ Pierre Hardy is in town to showcase Hermes’ fine jewelry collection.

◇ Cova, the Milanese coffee and pasty house opens in Tokyo.

◇ Old Navy thinks it will get to 2000 stores (which is almost double what they currently have).

◇ Amazon is using abandoned malls to open distribution centres - to offer its customers two-hour shipping.