The retail math sessions


IN-PERSON | One or two-day seminar. The topics covered include costing, markup and profit, sales reporting metrics, profit, markdowns, inventory, and productivity metrics. In addition to the session presentations and facilitation, the following are included:

  • Participant materials

  • Online access to covered materials for each participant

  • Tailored cases, concept application and tests

Webinar series - The Retail Math intensive

Join us online for our interactive retail math sessions. This webinar series requires only access to an internet browser, and supports the same objectives as our popular retail math sessions.

  1. WEBINARS | The intensive sessions are a series of two-hour webinars. There are two options for completing the retail math incentive: 5 sessions over a one week period, or 6 sessions over a two day period. Webinar replays are available after the live-session for your review.

  2. RESOURCE & REPORT DOWNLOAD | 24 hours before each webinar session begins, subscribers receive the reports. slide deck and resources that will be referenced in the live-session.

  3. CASES & ASSESSMENTS | Following each webinar, subscribers will have access to quizzes and cases to test and depend their understanding of the concepts covered in each webinar.

  4. INSTRUCTOR ACCESS | During the webinar, an instructor is available on the chat feature. Post-webinar, he/she is available to answer questions via video conference, email, telephone, etc.

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Session results



Across organizations – both retail and sales - attendees and participants surveyed gave us the following high-level feedback:

  • 93 percent of session participants would recommend the sessions to their industry peers

  • 90 percent is the overall score for the session (when asked ‘did you learn what you expected to?

  • 100 percent thought the session was worth attending