Frequently asked and answered questions

  • Each course and workshop has their own set of videos, transcripts, tools, resources, and worksheets. Explore them as they are presented or navigate through the resources as you see fit. 


  • Frequency and speed are up to you. Upon subscribing to our online retail courses, you will have access for up to 2 (two) months.  A subscription to one of our workshops will give you access for 4 (four) weeks.   


  • A certificate of completion is issued upon successful fulfillment of class requirements - usually a few quizzes and perhaps an assignment to demonstrate your understanding.  


  • Our payment gateway is PayPal. Your security is important to us, and they deliver the best, most secure payment option.  


  • Invoices and receipts are automatically issued for those of you who are sponsored by employers for career development and training. If you need additional information, please have your employer contact us at 


  • We can arrange for payment and invoices in the currency of your choice. Just let us know.


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