Retail Analysis for Sales Managers

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Retail Analysis for Sales Managers

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Make data-driven decisions that will grow your business your relationship with your retail customers. 

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Understand what drives your retailers’ business. Start from the same page by looking at the business reports through their eyes. Then look for your business opportunity: how you can support your retailers for growth.  

This 8-week online course will take you through a full season: from the post-season business review and sales and assortment planning pre-season, inventory management, in-season sales and profit forecasting, promotional events and markdowns. 

The online course uses video and text to review fundamental concepts and strategies used in analysis and decision-making. Downloadable reports allow you to follow in report walk-thrus, and growth/risk identification cases. To help you maximize your KPI performance, we'll review a variety of recommended steps based on business results. 

Join us online and build strategies based on informed decisions. 


1.    Retail math and analysis foundation
2.    Category- and business- level KPI and report review
3.    Item-level metric and report review
4.    Inventory management success
5.    Post-season business review
6.    Pre-season planning process, insights and strategy
7.    Effective forecasting and in-season business management
8.    Assortment and pricing management
9.    Promotion planning, forecasting and reporting
10.    Markdown management and optimization
11.    Item-level planning and management
12.    When and how to make recommendations for business growth


COURSE AVAILABILITY: Course access is available for two (2) months from time of purchase. 

PRACTISE QUIZZES: When you select this option, there are multiple assessments which will challenge your understanding of critical concepts. Many are case-based, allowing you to apply and test your knowledge. 

CERTIFICATE: Instructor access is available when you select the certificate option. He/she will be available via email, telephone or video conference as needed throughout the course subscription. Additionally, upon successful submission and scoring of many tests, you will receive a certificate of completion. 

WHO SHOULD APPLY: Account and brand managers; wholesale sales reps, new designers and any other retailer-facing product teams. 

RELATED COURSES: This course includes content found in our Sales & Brand Management online course and the Retail Buying course. When developing solutions with your retailer that will benefit you both, start from the same page.