Join us in Los Angeles for the Retail Math industry sessions

Product is what drives most professionals into the fashion and retail industry. Supporting that product, from production to sales, is retail math. Dive into our LA Retail Math sessions for a deeper understanding.

OBJECTIVE | Advance participants understanding of how retail math affects both the commerce and customer-facing aspects of the business.

By planning and manipulating the various factors impacting profit and sales, participants can expect greater confidence in their roles and a broader toolbox for growing their businesses.

FORMAT | One-day session facilitated by RETAIL ASSEMBLY in either Foundational or Advanced Retail Math skills. Includes participant materials and online access to covered materials until Saturday October 25.

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This one-day session ensures a strong understanding of business foundations: 

  • Understanding costing, mark-up, markdowns and profit
  • Sales reporting metrics, reading and uncovering business risks and opportunities


A one -day session which considers inventory and its impact on both sales and profit. The emphasis is placed on driving profit and productivity by monitoring and pushing a variety of metrics.