Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report 2014

Mary Meeker, legendary Morgan Stanley internet analyst and current partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, delivered her annual State of the Internet presentation today (May 28, 2014) at the Code conference in California. The highlights below.






  • Global internet advertising still remains a strong way to reach consumers - it experienced a growth rate of 16 percent in 2013. 

  • Mobile advertising is surging at a much faster pace, growing 47 percent in 2013. 

  • 25 percent of time consumers spend with media is on the internet. Advertisers still only dedicated 22 percent of their budget to online. 

  • 20 percent of consumer's media time is spent online. Ad spend was only 4 percent. 






  • While watching TV, 84 percent of Americans also used their mobile devices. Most are surfing the web, but shopping and checking sports scores are secondary activities. 

  • Mobile apps are beginning to replace traditional TV channels. ESPN generated 52 percent of their traffic from mobile. Forty (40) percent of YouTube traffic is viewed on mobile. 

  • Smartphone usage is set to grow this year by 20 percent, it's growth rate is beginning to slow.