Gucci's Digital Direction

Written by David McKay
We can’t do a ‘Gucci p.r. Girl’ thing. We’re an authority and corporate voice - but we can be conversational at the same time.
— Courtney Colavita, worldwide social media director at Gucci

Gucci reaches 24 million people via social media every day by curating narrative and imagery which highlights the brands heritage, social lifestyle, news and events.  The company has embraced all major platforms, including Pinterest.  Although the company has an impressive 15,000 followers on the suburban, female dominated platform, they are still quite a distance from the 3+ million followers Peter Som boasts.  However, the brand is embracing the potential of the platform, and Tumblr, both of  which are driven by search instead of a timeline - giving content increased longevity.  


As a global luxury brand Gucci's overall communication strategy is controlled, not allowing for real-time consumer interaction and posts on sites like Facebook.  This is in contrast with Proenza Schouler's digital activity, which generates and creates a community-based feeling.  "We can't do a 'Gucci p.r. Girl' thing.  We're an authority and corporate voice - but we can be conversational at the same time", reiterated Courtney Colavita, Gucci's director of social media, at Fairchild's Menswear Summit.  Additionally, Gucci differs in its value strategy - while coupon and discount offers are often some of the most popular way retailers interact with consumers, online or offline it is not part of the brands value proposition.  


Gucci's online strategy has also been aided by targeting the much-neglected male customer.  Chris Ventry, GM of Gilt Groupe's GiltMan told CNBC recently that men shopping online are outspending the ladies by approximately 25% percent.  Gucci ensures this demographic is served through micro-trend content.  


Staying true to the brand's heritage and consumer lifestyle has helped boost brand ambassadors, while maintaining a cohesive story and image - online and off.