Innovation at a Retail Giant...The Shops at Target

The most interesting, creative, connected innovations in retail happen in smaller businesses first.  When a Retail Giant such as Target decides to introduce a new concept, they're rarely the first out of the gate.  But let's not underestimate the impact Giants have on the consumer landscape, afterall most consumers walk through one every week.  

Target is  looking to be a $100 billion company in a few years with close to 2000 stores.  That is incredible market penetration!

Putting aside capital considerations, Target is a consumer, community, design focused retailer.  They continue to stand behind each of these values in tangible ways which you can see in-store.  This week (Stateside), they'll be introducing the luxury-level concept *shop-in-shops* to the masses.   It will truly be a delightful new experience for many shoppers. Enjoy!