Fashion, lifestyle, and retail-industry professionals will benefit most from this course series. Most subscribers should have at least two to three years of experience working in the industry. 

This course is designed to support your career and professional development

  • You will be trained and prepared to join a brand or retailer corporate office
  • You will achieve effective performance and team contribution level quickly
  • With up to seven years experience in the corporate office, you will fill in any knowledge gaps, become a well-rounded high performing individual , and generate fresh ideas for your business. 
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The courses are mobile-optimized for anytime access anywhere. They are filled with rich multimedia lectures and learning tools: video, audio conversations, resources, case studies, downloads and toolkits, practice exercises. Additionally you will have access to industry support from our masters through case feedback, chat, and email. 

The courses are self-directed. The content is available to you at any time within your subscription window. A weekly schedule will guide you through the recommended curricula. Following the schedule will ensure you have a strong foundation first, testing your skills along the way. As the course and workshop progresses, further details, connection between theory and cases, and more complex solutions will be layered in. 


Global content showcases the best-in-class organizations and innovative brands. For those that would like to build your skills for a particular region, location settings keep courses focused in a particular region. With course industry masters based in major cities around the world, including London, Paris, Barcelona, Dubai, Tehran, Johannesburg, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Vancouver and Toronto, you will have the best of innovative and classic-ly strong businesses. 

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build professional confidence

Build professional confidence by growing your skills and learning from top performing, effective senior buyers and merchants. Our industry masters will support you throughout your learning journey, providing feedback on quizzes and cases submitted. These same masters are available on chat and email. 

Upon successful completion of a set of quizzes and cases, you will have earned your certificate of completion. This is optional, and not required to review the content within the course. 

Generate new ideas for your business to improve customer loyalty, sales and profit results.