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James Bessen recently reported for the Harvard Business Review that 54 percent of professionals don't think they know everything they need to know in order to do their current jobs. 

Brand, retail, product professionals and leadership need a resource that will help master new skills and see business in a fresh new way.

Join us FOr:

  • A stronger business, higher brand value, increased customer loyalty, improved sales, profit and productivity
  • Higher engagement and professional empowerment
  • Confidence in career planning and progression


Content reflecting the tools used professionally 

Industry support 


A solid understanding of the basics is a good start.  When you really understand something, whether it is about negotiating or consumer behavior or a profit metric, you will see the connections between it and everything else that impacts your sales, profit, and customer.


Connections - between content and current industry trends; between creative, commerce, consumers - is a second value. Content needs to be relevant and provide insight.


This is the aspect which drives the retail and fashion industry forward. Our content, cases, tools, and resources spark ideas and new applications for the businesses' growth. 


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